The Three Pillars to moving forward towards solidarity!

1. Moving forward with a solidified BSM community.

  • Beginning of semester Retreat: Create familial bonds and stronger relationships by having a retreat at the beginning of the semester with our Executive board, Central Committee, and Subgroup (Co-Chairs).
    • This will start to develop a more interconnected and familial environment. Also it will ensure that leadership within the BSM is on one accord and foster better communication within the organization. 
  • Upendo Study space and Learning Center Collaboration: Continue to build our community by having Upendo as not just a meeting area but a place reserved for our members to better utilize as a space for studying, collaborating, study groups and tutoring. Involvement would consist of planning with Carolina Union director Crystal King to provide the space, as well as Learning center  director Kim Abels to provide willing tutors and academic coaches accessible to students.
    • This will not only aid our members in achieving academic success but also, builds that atmosphere that we are college students striving for success together. Major points of emphasis will definitely be our incoming freshmen, as this will encourage them to start their first year off at Carolina on a good note.
  • Monthly BSM Spotlight photo campaign: The first Wednesday of every month the BSM could have two (not limited) features on a BSM member or a group of students allowing them to share their life story, Carolina experience, and/or involvement on campus.  This photo campaign will allow members of the BSM as well as the community outside of BSM to relate to and put a face to our outstanding members. The features would be shared on our various online platforms i.e. website, twitter, facebook etc.
    •  This is a great way for our members to feel appreciated and valued by the BSM. The photo campaign could be initiated at the very first meeting of the semester next year. Featured students will be randomly selected newly paid members! Attribution to member interest and retention.
  • UNC Advising-help our dear First-Year: The beginning of a semester is not only hard for upperclassmen but it is a new experience for the incoming first years. A constant theme is our first years have to feel welcomed. They have to know that they matter and are a part of this new community they are entering. UNC advising is constantly looking for ways to help our students, and that is why I pose the help our dear First-Year by setting up appointments with our students in Upendo following our first General Body Meeting.
    • This will not only help keep first years on track of their Tar Heel goals but will also provide them with invaluable career advice that I have gained firsthand from advisors. 

2. Moving forward as a collaborative UNC.

  • About Your Business photo day: Professional branding is important for students when trying to apply for jobs and building your online presence such as LinkedIn profiles. This photo day would give students the opportunity to come and have quality head shots done by photographers such as myself as well as other experienced photographers within the BSM. For reaching out to our student body, we would provide this opportunity to ALL UNC students and organizations in hopes of bettering our relationship and network in the Carolina community. 
    • Great funding opportunity for the BSM. The BSM would charge $5-10 for the head shots and the pictures could be emailed to the student on the same day. This could be held multiple times throughout the year. 
  • Culture Fest (Middle of the Year): Numerous performance and cultural organizations around UNC will be invited to participate in this culture fest. This will be a way of representing the diversity on campus. Collaboration will be conducted by all groups that are interested. The organizations will not only be performing by themselves but could be paired with another organization to come up with a performance to reveal to the Carolina community. It's not unity if we're not working together and what better way of doing this than by choreographing, and practicing together. 
  •  Strengthen communication and support with our own minority groups: Reach out to organizations that we should have value connections with. These organizations consist of NAACP, NPHC, Carolina M.A.L.E.S., Carolina R.I.S.E., Communiversity, Movement of Youth, CHispA, ASA, MASALA, CIC and many more cultural organizations. This is a call to action for those groups as well. We should be collaborating and supporting one another's endeavors in the most effective way.
    • Efforts are already in action by groups such as C4 and our Student Government Exec Branch-MADO, and there are hopes of creating an interactive calendar for our organizations to plan events with regards to other events happening on campus. This will allow our members to expand their horizon in not only the Black Community but the Carolina Community!

3. Moving forward with neighboring Universities.

  • NCSU X UNC College Exposure Partnership: A college exposure partnership between NC State and UNC Chapel Hill for the benefit of at-risk youth, particularly youth of color. This would also entail a mentoring component where members of  the BSM, and organizations would aid in providing advice to the youth. We want these at-risk youth to see College students that they can relate to, to believe that success is possible in higher education.
    • This would be beneficial to both schools by providing an networking opportunity for undergraduates as well as showing unity outside of the Carolina community. Not enough collaboration among the students of neighboring universities occurs within the minority community and this would be a great opportunity to spark that.