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Qieara Lesesne '19, President - qiearal@live.unc.edu
Alexandria Robinson '19, Vice President - alexr@live.unc.edu
Chris Suggs '21, Secretary - chrisjsuggs@unc.edu
Ethan Gonder '20, Treasurer - ethangon@live.unc.edu
Jada Staten '20, Executive Assistant - jstaten@live.unc.edu
Kelley Traynham '20, Outreach Chair - kelleyel@live.unc.edu
Gabrielle Johnson '19, Outreach Chair - gabbieg@live.unc.edu
Erin Robinson '20, Communications Coordinator - erinrob1@live.unc.edu
Tamiya Troy '21, Communications Coordinator - tamiyat@live.unc.edu
Alton Peques '19, Senior Advisor - apeques@live.unc.edu



Aaron epps






alton peques

Vice President


Dominque Brodie

Executive Assistant 


Kellan Robinson



Kelley Traynham

Outreach Chair


Tierra Marsh

Communications Coordinator


Joia Freeman

Senior Advisor


Qieara Lesesne

Communications Coordinator




The duties of the President are as follows, but not limited to:

  1. Serve as the official spokesperson of the BSM; 
  2. Call regular meetings of the Executive Board and the CC;
  3. Report the proceedings of the Executive Board and CC meetings to the GB;
  4. Call special meetings of the CC and the general body when necessary;
  5. Vote on matters of the CC in case of a tie;
  6. Appoint replacements for CC members who resign or who are expulsed;
  7. Form the BSM budget, along with the Treasurer;
  8. Secure funds for the BSM, along with the Treasurer;
  9. Protect the BSM membership from improper usage;
  10. Create any other committees or appoint any other chairs / coordinators for special committees with the approval of CC;
  11. Ensure BSM is recognized as a student organization by September 30th of each school year;
  12. Assign each member of the executive board to be a liaison to specific Sub Groups and Committees;
  13. Maintain relations with faculty, staff and administrators to promote the mobility and betterment of black students on campus at UNC; (
  14. Serve on CC

Vice President

The duties of the Vice President are as follows, but are not limited to:

  1. Carry out the duties of the President during an absence;
  2. Carry out the duties of the Parliamentarian during and absence;
  3. Form and advise the First Year Class Council;
  4. Plan, along with the First Year Chair(s) of the First Year Class Council, First Year Class Council events and programs;
  5. Serve on CC.


The duties of the Treasurer are as follows, but not limited to:

  1. Maintain financial records;
  2. Give a financial report upon request, but at least once a month at CC meetings;
  3. Secure funds, along with the President, for the BSM;
  4. Administer monetary transactions according to the Student Activities Funds Office (SAFO);
  5. Collect all money for the BSM in the form of dues and donations from the chair(s) of the Membership and Elections Committee and Sub Group presidents;
  6. Take the University Treasurer’s Test within one week of the first day of class of the fall semester;
  7. Understand that any financial transactions that are not in accordance with Treasurer’s training and result in miscalculation of funds will be the sole responsibility of the Treasurer;
  8. Serve on CC.

Executive Assistant

The duties of the Executive Assistant are as follows, but not limited to:

  1. Perform duties as determined by the Executive Board;
  2. Coordinate meeting rooms for all GB, CC and Sub Group meetings;
  3. Keep attendance of the CC for all BSM functions;
  4. Serve on CC.


The duties of the Secretary are as follows, but not limited to:

  1. Record and type all minutes of the Executive Board, CC and GB meetings;
  2. Make minutes available upon request;
  3. Coordinate and maintain files of written records of BSM and make them available upon request;
  4. Maintain an accurate BSM mailing list of all current members;
  5. Email the BSM mailing list / listserv with necessary information, BSM events and campus events weekly;
  6. Check the BSM mailbox weekly;
  7. Maintain and update the master calendar of programs and events hosted by BSM;
  8. Serve on CC.

Senior Advisor

The duties of the Senior Advisor are as follows, but not limited to:

  1. This individual has been involved with BSM for an extensive amount of time (since their first-year or sophomore year).
  2. Aid the President and Vice President with organization functions.
  3. Advise the President and Vice President with decision making regarding the organization.
  4. Assist BSM committees and subgroups with events as needed.

Outreach Chair

The duties of the Outreach Chair are as follows, but not limited to:

  1. Create relationships with leaders and members of different campus organizations;
  2. Serve as the liaison for all BSM board appointments, including but not limited to, MASALA, the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History, the Carolina Union Activities Board, Tea Talks through UNC Campus YMCA, the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Committee; (3) alert the Executive Board when a board appointment meeting cannot be attended; (4) serve on CC.

Communications Coordinator

The duties of the Communications Coordinator are as follows, but not limited to:

  1. Organize and manage the members of the Communications Team. 
  2. Create and execute the marketing plan for BSM for each month as far in advance as possible.
  3. Communicate with members of CC to coordinate providing appropriate graphic flyers to promote their events.




Chair: Tesarah Boyd: tesarah@live.unc.edu

Chair: Jabria Owens: jabria@live.unc.edu

  • In charge of all BSM elections (Royal Court, Executive Positions)

  • Plans major events for BSM, including the Ball

  • Implements initiatives (like Friday on the Lawn) to encourage sustained membership and retention in BSM


0W4A8334 (1).jpg

Chair: Ethan Gonder: ethangon@live.unc.edu

Members: Alexis Baker, Beth Suraphel,  Calia Johnson, Diamond McKoy, Jasmine Marshall, Xavier Nonez

  • Promotes creative ways to raise funds for BSM’s events and initiative


Chair: Tyger McSwain: tyger97@live.unc.edu

  • Educates community in ways to become active in advocacy, activism, and the political process on campus and in the broader community
  • Partners with other advocacy groups (Campus Y, Black Congress, NAACP, Carolina Black Caucus) to support other advocacy initiatives throughout UNC


0W4A8338 (1).jpg

Chair: Kelley Traynham: kelleyel@live.unc.edu

  • Promotes collaboration with other campus organizations to increase visibility of our organization and encourage camaraderie with other groups on campus

Black History Month

Chair: Marquise Drayton: draytonm@live.unc.edu

Chair: Jackie Omweno: jackline@live.unc.edu

  • Promotes history, culture, and heritage of blacks throughout the year, and especially heads all events in the month of February
  • Partners with Office of Diversity and Inclusion for events throughout BHM

First-Year Class Council

Chair: Chris Suggs: cjsuggs@live.unc.edu

Chair: Tamiya Troy: tamiyat@live.unc.edu

  • Creates a welcoming environment for all first years to learn about BSM and create events that first years want to see

Service and Education

Chair: Alex Robinson: alexr@live.unc.edu

Chair: Jada Staten: jstaten@live.unc.edu

  • Connects BSM’s members with opportunities to impact the campus and local communities through service

Minority Wellness and Health Disparities

Chair: Asia Gandy: asia@live.unc.edu

  • Implements informative programs and series educating the campus community about physical and mental health disparities within the black community
  • Seeks to engage students in positive health practices

Celebration of Black Womanhood

Contact: Aaron Epps: aeepps@live.unc.edu

  • Committee dedicated to building an inclusive and supportive environment for women of color at Carolina
  • Honor the true essence and diversity of all women

50TH Year Celebration

Chair: Micheline Amisi: mwa@live.unc.edu

Chair: Gwendolyn Smith: gwenren@live.unc.edu

  • Plans and organizes events specific to the celebration of BSM’s 50th anniversary and raises awareness to the campus community of BSM’s 50th year
  • This is the only year the 50th year committee will exist



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