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Some students feel overwhelmed when they first arrive at a campus like UNC’s. For Deshawn Dazevedo, this challenge was one worth overcoming. The psychology major and spanish minor was surprised when he arrived on campus.

"My first impression was the minorities are not as connected as I thought they were going to be," Dazevedo said.

He joined BSM in hopes of finding that family aspect.

“I felt like if I was going to college I should attempt to make a difference while I’m on campus and the best way would to be to connect with other black people, so I could establish that support system, then work my way up to working with other minorities,” he said.

Dazevedo has not shyed away from any of what UNC has to offer. He is a Carolina Millennial Scholar, a member of the Black Town Hall Committee, a project assistant for the minority mentorship programs, and a part of the diversity forum. The forum connects him with other minority clubs on campus.

“I’m the co-chair of the First Year Class Council and we’re planning two events currently,” he added.

It’s not all seriousness for Dazevedo. His favorite Carolina memory so far is Yardfest and he is dying to meet The Weeknd. When he’s working on schoolwork and projects, lately you’ll probably hear Work by Rihanna playing in the background.

When asked what he would want his heelprint to be, he was ambitious with his response:

“If anything, I would want to leave the campus where black students feel completely comfortable on campus.”




If you’ve never had the chance to meet Dazevedo, take that opportunity. We think the combination if his never ending involvement and his goofy, charismatic character embody some of what we love about being black. You can find him on Twitter @DazzyDeez1 and on Instagram @sophisticatedbreed.

-Author: Anyssa Reddix


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