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The Gift, UNC Chapel Hill - Click  here  for more info...  

The Gift, UNC Chapel Hill - Click here for more info...  

Sophomore James Street knew he’d be a Tar Heel

“I’ve always wanted to go to UNC,” Street said.

After being exposed to Project Uplift and Expanding the Circle, that solidified that dream for the Fuquay-Varina native. So when he got in, there was no other option.

“The academic program was great, there were no big downfalls,” said Street.

Once completing Summer Bridge, Street didn’t hesitate to get involved and attempt to make a difference on campus.

“I knew I wanted to give back to DMA,” Street said. “I wanted to give back in any capacity that I could.”

Street is a staple within MSRC and DMA, serving as On-Campus Coordinator Intern, among all his other organization: Bonner Leaders, Sacrificial Poets, Communiversity, Carolina Indian Circle, and BSM’s own Ebony Readers Onyx Theater. His involvement with CIC is especially meaningful to him.

“It’s really hard for native students to find a voice here,” Street said. “That connection through blackness and through indigenousness, it really kind of defines how I see things through a political spectrum. You start to see through the lens of color and not just through the lens of black.”

Being mixed with black, white and native roots has led Street to have a unique perspective compared to his peers.

“It connects the idea that truth is universal and that suffering is a global thing, and not just in the United States,” Street said. “It just connects you to the world when you realize you have all these identities and they all share the same thing.”

As a public policy major, Street has a passion for fighting injustice, which pushed him to creating his own field to double major in: political race philosophy. He worked with the department of interdisciplinary studies to create the track, which combines African-American and diaspora, psychology and political science classes.

“It’s something that’s important to me, and it’s something that should be important to everybody,” he said.

Even with all that he is doing, Street said he wants to let his heelprint come with his actions rather than planning for a legacy.

“I don’t think about my impact in the long term,” he said. “I just think about what steps I can do now to better myself and the people who will follow me.” 
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Author- Anyssa Reddix

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